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Keto Bliss

Some Facts About Keto Bliss

Keto Bliss is about putting the body into a state where you have to use lipids as energy, as explained in one review in the Journal of European Nutrition. As a result, a substance called a ketone body is used as energy, not by carbohydrates, but by decomposition of fat present in blood. By making this Keto Advanced state, it is easy to lose weight.Keto Bliss

In other words, the condition of Keto Bliss is that the body is adapting to fat, and it is burning more fat than otherwise, said Toronto administrated dietitian Andy Desantis. It is not impossible to create this condition.

Because many people get too fat by eating too much carbohydrate, especially eating too much processed carbohydrate, making a ketone body diet and giving up carbohydrates is also the quickest way to reduce calories. In addition, it is said that ketone body diet has a lot of fat in research, and it makes me feel a fullness and also has the effect of suppressing the appetite. However, it is important to remember that the diet is not originally designed for dieting, says Desantis.

There are many misconceptions when using a ketone body diet for weight loss. Therefore, I gave five misconceptions about the ketone body diet and examined how to use this diet method for dieting.

Misunderstanding 1:

Keto Bliss and ketoacidosis are the same

As described above, Keto Bliss is a condition in which the body is in the “fat burning mode” and it is only when the body consumes the accumulated fat as energy to form a ketone body. However, Jim White’s dietitian, owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studio, notes that Keto Bliss and ketoacidosis should not be confused. Ketoacidosis is a potentially life-threatening condition in which blood normally found in patients with diabetes becomes acidic.


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Ketoacidosis, which occurs when there is an excess of ketone bodies, can also occur to people on a ketone body diet, as described in a paper published in 2019 in The Strength and Conditioning Journal. Symptoms of ketoacidosis include abdominal pain, weakening of the body, thirsty, puffy, conscious awareness, blurred in front of eyes.

Misconception 2:

Ketone Body Diet is a High Protein Diet

To keep the condition Keto Bliss, but not ketoacidosis, you have to increase rather than decrease the protein, explains Kelly Loel, a researcher and dietitian at Rush University. According to Lowell, who also teaches the ketone body diet, the misconception that the ketone body diet is a high-protein diet is the most dangerous of the myths related to the ketone body diet.

This is because as the amount of protein increases, the amino acids contained in the protein are degraded to increase the ketone body. This is good for ordinary people who are on a diet, but since those who are on a ketone body diet already have many ketone bodies in the blood, there is a possibility that the ketone body will increase further and cause ketoacidosis. Loel advises when it gets higher. Furthermore, if you consume too much protein, it will be converted to glucose, causing the blood sugar level to rise sharply, which will be the opposite effect of ketogenic. This is not good.

Keto Bliss

So how much protein should I eat if I use a Keto Bliss body diet?

By taking between 6% and 8% of the daily calories from protein, you can eliminate the risk of ketoacidosis while maintaining Keto Bliss, White says. On the other hand, 2% to 4% of carbohydrates is a standard. If the target calorie intake of the day is 2000kcal, the protein should be 30 to 40g. This is about 2 eggs or 85g of chicken breast meat.

For those who want to increase their muscles, the reason the ketone body diet is not good is that they can not increase protein intake so much, the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics explains.

Misunderstanding 3:

You may take anything as lipid

If you think that you don’t have to worry about lipids with a ketone body diet, experts say that you should not take only saturated fatty acids.

According to the Journal of American College of Nutrition, replacing saturated fatty acids such as bacon, sausage, and ham with unsaturated fatty acids such as walnut, flaxseed, and fish is the most effective way to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. I say. This seems to be more effective than just reducing lipids. Some studies say that processed meat like bacon raises the risk of cancer.

“When it comes to dieting ketones, it’s good to take Mediterranean essence,” says Lowell. “Let’s take most of the fat from good extra virgin olive oil, nuts and seeds, fatty fish.”

Misunderstanding 4:

The brain works properly without carbohydrates

You should have experienced that you would be somewhat stunned before noon. Or, if you’re hungry and frustrated, you should know what happens if you have enough sugar in your blood. In such a situation, the brain cries out that it gives glucose, which is the energy most convenient for the brain.

White says, especially when you started the ketone body diet, you should feel your brain wanting glucose. This is because it is said that about 100g of carbohydrate is needed every day, but the ketone body diet suppresses intake up to 50g if it is small.

Until you get used to using fat as energy, you may be hungry or frustrated, or it may be like it was before lunch. But once you get used to it, the brain can also be fueled with ketones, but according to White, it can take weeks or months to achieve this condition.

Misunderstanding 5:

Dieting must take time

Ketone body diets are easy to follow for people who like oily things, are not good at calculating calories, but it is not a pain to stop carbohydrates. But according to a 2017 study, dieting isn’t supposed to be a long term.

The main reason is that the longer you keep your ketone diet, the more likely it is that you will lose muscle mass. Not only does muscle strength and muscle tone decrease, but lean muscle mass decreases and so does metabolism. In other words, as you lose weight, you also lose calories burned.

Researchers point out that although the ketone body diet is effective for losing weight in a short period of time, it is better not to do more than a few weeks at a time. For example, it is better to limit to only when exercising hard in the gym. And it’s better to increase your carbohydrate and protein intake before you increase your exercise load. However, it is true that “we can make the metabolism flexible” by dieting ketone body, so that the body can use multiple things as energy source, and it is effective for health and weight loss.

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